Sunday, February 01, 2009

Its official: martyr is dead

The game is a tactical shooter in a 2.5d isometric view. The game objectives vary on different maps and could be some of the well known from the rts and fps genres "capture the flag", "free for all", "destroy all enemy structures" or some custom modes like "take control of point X and remain in control for N minutes". A game continues about 20 minutes.

The maps are made of tiles and "brushes". Each tile is about 2 meters wide. A brush takes exactly one tile. There are only walls and passages but no bridges on top of the terrain and no high grounds a-la starcraft. The largest map is 256x256 tiles. The camera is with a fixed height and angle (less confusion for the players). All lighting and shadows in the game are dynamic.

Every player has 1 PC and up to 2 NPCs under his control. NPC can only take simple orders like "guard me", "guard X", "build structure X", etc. There are many "ambient" NPCs runing on the map, occasionally engaging in fights not controlled by the players. The structures placed on the map by the players are "turrets", "radars" etc. The PC (atleast for one of the fractions) is a cyborg. His body parts (legs, torso, left arm, right arm, head) are replaced during the game with visually different ones. The player starts with a completely "humanoid" body and gradually mutates into a machine with visually distinctive silhouette information about the PC stats are easily visible.

Implemented are the structure of the world, the lighting, cel shaded animated models, static decors, a primitive editor, UI system, particle systems, a primitive art pipeline of exporters from blender to the game, a bit of network code and NO GAMEPLAY :). The demo runs on 32/64bit windows and linux. There is some minimal art assets done by me.

Im no longer working on this project. I just dont have the time anymore. Thanks to everyone involved! Im still checking this blog and I'll continue to post here. Any questions posted here will be answered.

The source code and the art is free for download atleast until cuts me off of their service :).


DarkCloud said...

wow man, I am really sorry to hear this. I fully understand that you can't complete the game with only a little amount free time. I was checking back allot because I like the style that you work with. I hope to see more of your work and what I have seen from you was an inspiration to me. I will check back once in a while if you do post new things.

Stoiko said...

Hi there!
It was really tough for me to bury this project. Right now my family (i have a little daughter) and my day job at haemimont games eat all my spare time. I really hope that some day i will be able to resurrect it and even put some money on it and turn it into my day job. Keep an eye on the blog if you like and thanks for the support.

Vadim said...

If you want to share your 3D models, feel free to contact me. I'll place your credits in my games if I'll use them.

mapto said...

What about sharing the whole thing on SourceForge, this way at least it won't go in vain.

Stoiko said...

im still working on martyr but on my private repo. however you can do whatever you like with the code that is on the assembla servers:

Nevena Nikolacheva NEN said...

ummm ... wow